Tooth resorption in cats

Tooth resorption is the most common dental disease in cats and is very painful. About 1/3 of all cats without clinical symptoms suffer from dental resorption. In cats with gum inflammation or obvious pain and food intake problems, the figure is even over 2/3. Tooth resorption is a progressive disease that can sometimes progress within a few months. The tooth is dissolved and destroyed from the inside. Tooth resorption is diagnosed using dental X-rays, as the disease often starts below the gums and is not visible to the naked eye in the early stages. The causes of this disease are still not fully understood. However, good prophylaxis to reduce bacterial plaque and inflammation certainly contributes to a healthy oral cavity.

 Tooth resorption

Left: No signs of gingivitis or tooth resorption Right: The same cat six months later. The first molar in the lower jaw shows significant gum inflammation and tooth resorption. © by Vets4Pets AG