Does my dog need dental treatment?

Diseases of the oral cavity can lead to discomfort and pain. Without treatment, this can lead to serious secondary diseases. Dog owners can use the following test to assess the dental health of their pet. However, it is in no way a substitute for a professional examination by a veterinary dentist.

Online dental health questionnaire

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Tooth-friendly toys and chewing materials for dogs

Unfortunately, I see every day the effects that tooth-damaging dog toys or tooth-damaging chews can have on dogs. Worn teeth, split/broken teeth or inflammation of the gums and even periodontitis are just three of the possible effects. Unfortunately, too many chews or toys are advertised as "tooth-friendly" or are sometimes even certified with a tooth-friendly seal of approval, although in reality they damage the teeth.

abgewetzte Zähne durch ungeeignetes Spielzeug
Worn teeth due to unsuitable toys and (as a result) periodontitis

So how can you as the owner decide whether a toy or chew is suitable for your four-legged friend? Do the fingernail test: If you cannot press your fingernail into the material, the chew or toy is too hard. Do the break test: If you cannot break the chew toy by hand or over your knee, it is too hard. Toys:

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