Our motivated and dedicated team looks forward to caring for your pet.

Team Vets4Pets AG

Marion Ackermann

Veterinarian and owner

What I value most about my work is sharing a path based on trust with my patients and their owners.

Martina Cathry

Veterinarian and owner

Being a veterinarian is more than a profession - it is a vocation. Helping animals and thereby indirectly helping people has been my dream since kindergarten.

Evelyne Streuli

Practice manager and owner

What I enjoy most about my work is finding a solution to complicated problems, thereby making the animal and its owner happier.

Noelia Elsener

Registered Veterinary Technician

What pleases me most about my work is how much I get in return from the animals while they can‘t thank me explicitly.

Jessy van Sascha's Home

Feel Good Manager

I especially appreciate... Dog toy? Did someone say dog toy?

Luna von Floof

CPO (Chief Purring Officer)

What I love about work? What a question!